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Our mission is to motivate and equip believers to use their gifts as a tool for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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You gotta get out of the boat!


Do you remember when you first learned to water ski? Maybe you popped right out of the water but soon took your eyes off the boat and . . . you did a face plant. Maybe you had to try several times before you were even able to get out of the water. Either way you were so excited when you finally started to ski regardless of the challenges.


Our Lake Day is designed for youth who have never been in a boat and would not normally have the opportunity to learn to ski. We work with students from many different backgrounds such as group homes, public housing or orphanages.

During the day each student has the opportunity to tube and then learn basic wakeboarding and/or kneeboarding skills. However, we don’t stop there! Today’s youth are faced with many challenges and often do not know where to find answers. During the day we will share our story of how we found hope in Jesus Christ and that He is the answer to all of life’s challenges.


Group Leader Agreement Form: Must be completed by the Group Leader to reserve a Lake Day

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